We <3 Coffee

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White Label zijn speciale koffiebranders uit Amsterdam.

White Label staat voor openheid: ze delen graag alles wat zij over koffie weten.

Zij geloven in kwaliteit en duurzaamheid en vinden het belangrijk dat iedereen in de keten er op een duurzame manier baat bij heeft: U geniet van een beter product en de producenten ontvangen een fair prijs voor een goed product.

Biologisch & Fairtrade

Growing up on his family farm Bruno already selected coffee by the cup together with his father. After college he returned to the little town of Campos and Altos and took over the management of the farm. He decided to increase the production of specialty coffee because he believed in producing quality over commodity. and with success: his farm’s specialty coffee percentage of the harvest has been increasing (it went up from 35% to 60%) and his coffees can sometimes be so surprising in its acidity and fruitiness that it reminds us of a washed coffee from Central America or a funky but balanced African natural.

In 2011 bruno visited amsterdam for the first time. “I loved the place and the people” he says “I felt like I was connected somehow and also felt the sensation that specialty coffee was about to blow up on the country”. Afterwards Bruno started focusing on exporting to the Netherlands. In 2015 White Label bought Bruno’s coffee for the first time and stuck with him since. He delivers great quality and is a charming, straight up man. after meeting bruno many times in Amsterdam, it was about time to visit him at his farm. and so it happened, together with three other dutch roaster clients of his we flew out to belo horizonte. for a week we were taken under the wings of bruno and his family and here we will share our impressions and what we’ve learned with you.


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